What happens when you leave a wine maker in an apple orchard.

Cider by a winemaker

Top honors at Sydney Royal Show 2017

  • Best in show

    Cider / Perry
  • Gold

    Medium cider category
  • Champion



Over 100 years of French winemaking tradition is still at the core of how Bonamy’s Cider is sourced, produced and bottled. When Auguste Bonamy, a third generation winemaker from France, arrived in Australia he was immediately taken by the quality of Tasmania’s cool climate, pristine water and rolling apple orchards. That is what inspired him to create his signature apple cider.

Winemaker Simon Henderson has revived this tradition and continues Bonamy’s legacy of sourcing the best seasonal and local Tasmanian apples, fresh water, and then applying minimal intervention to let the ingredients speak for themselves. No concentrates. No added sugar.

At Bonamy’s, we believe when you know what’s important, you don’t need much else.

and crisp

Expert winemaker, Simon Henderson, uses a blend of 100% whole-pressed Tasmanian apples to craft our cider. The apple aroma is ripened and rich with a hint of fruitiness, and the palate is reminiscent of fresh apple juice. The mild, dry bite rounds out the fullness and delivers an overall perfectly balanced flavour. 

Paired by

Bonamy’s is best served with delicious Tasmanian produce. It pairs well with grazing platter staples like vintage clothbound cheddar, nutty Gruyere and marinated soft goat’s cheese. For something more substantial, enjoy Bonamy’s cider with creamy brie and wild mushroom risotto.

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