Deliciously Real Cider

100% Whole Pressed Tasmanian Apples

The Bonamy's Story

Tasmanian Cider Co. started making quality ciders over 100 years ago, harnessing the skills and techniques of a French winemaker named Auguste Bonamy. Bonamy was an experienced wine and cider maker, receiving acclaim throughout Australia for the Tasmanian cider he made from the early 1900s onwards. 

In honour of his efforts in revolutionising cider making in Australia, the Tasmanian Cider Co. has created a product bearing his name. Bonamy’s Cider continues his legacy by using similar principles and methods.

Bright, Clean and Crisp

Bonamy's was developed by winemaker Simon Henderson, using a blend incorporating local and seasonal fruit.

Sweetness Scale

The use of whole pressed Tasmanian Apples and white wine yeast results in a mild, dry bite on the palate which rounds out the fullness and provides a beautiful balanced cider.

Deliciously Real

No concentrates. No added sugar.

The making of Bonamy's shares many similarities to winemaking. We use a blend incorporating local and seasonal fresh fruit, which is crushed and pressed, fermented with white wine yeast, then filtered and bottled.

Made from 100% whole-pressed Tasmanian apples, the result is a bright, clean, crisp and beautifully balanced cider, with no concentrates and no added sugar.

Pick of the crop

We press whole local and seasonal apples and ferment with the white wine yeast. You can now find Bonamy's on tap at quality bars and restaurants across Australia.
From November 2016, you will also be able to find our deliciously real cider at Vintage Cellars, First Choice and Liquorland.

Perfectly Matched

Bonamy’s is best served with delicious Tasmanian produce. Try it with a selection of triple cream brie, vintage clothbound cheddar, a nutty Gruyere and a marinated soft goats cheese. Or, enjoy a bottle of Bonamy’s cider with creamy brie & wild mushroom risotto.

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